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 One Stop Dry Cleaning Machinery has been doing business for the past 32 years.  We first began in New York City, where we work under the name American Solution.  We sold, service and  installed many dry cleaners in the New York City Metropolitan Area (All Five Boroughs), New York State, New Jersey and Connecticut.    

We relocated 21 years ago to Central Florida, where we are doing business as DECHT, Inc. dba One Stop Dry Cleaning Machinery. We are a Licensed Mechanical/Plumbing Certified Contractor for the State of Florida.  We sell, service and install dry cleaning equipment for the North, Central, and East/West Florida Area.   We also sell dry cleaning equipment and parts to other customers in the United States.  We also sell dry cleaning and finishing equipment and parts internationally.  We are willing to travel to install these equipments.  Please contact us, at    (386) 532-3451 or email decht3451@gmail.com for your equipment and parts needs.  Our motto is "No Equipment is too Old to be service!".   
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Hire a Licensed Contractor
Remember to Always hire a Licensed Contractor to do any service or installation for your home or business.  Make sure  your mechanic is State Certified by the State and has insurance. Thank you.

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