Pre-Owned Equipment

Our equipment inventory consists of:

Dry Cleaning:

Forenta Legger Fast Back Press

Cissell Pants Topper

1 Head, 2 Head and 3 Head Puffers

Spotting Boards

Rema Vacuum

Laundry Equipment:

Unipress In-Line Collar Cuff

Unipress Sleever Cabinet

Forenta Stack Collar Cuff VCHY

Forenta 27VC Collar and Cuff

Forenta 32VB Body Press

Forenta Post Sleever with Super Heat

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Our equipment inventory cont'd.:

Boiler Room Equipment:

Rema Return Tank 18”x30”

Burks Boiler Pumps

Rema Blow down Tanks

Customer Service Area: 

White Conveyor
Saratoga Converyor
Counter Hooks
Railex Rail fittings and Pipe
Counter Bag Hooks
In-line Bagger

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